quit smoking programs

Why should I stop smoking? Australia's leading cause of death and disease is smoking. Tobacco smoke can contain more than 7,000 chemicals, many of which can cause cancer. Every cigarette you smoke can cause damage to almost every organ in your body. The body starts to heal itself from the moment you stop smoking. This will allow you to start seeing the benefits of quitting. It can be difficult to quit smoking. However, the health benefits and ability to save money are not the only reasons to stop. There are also other benefits that will benefit the ex-smoker and their friends. The body experiences dramatic changes when you light up a cigarette. The moment you stop smoking your lung function will start to improve. 20 minutes -- Your resting pulse rate starts to fall (this indicates your overall fitness level). 12 hours - your blood oxygen levels will start to rise and your body's level of carbon monoxide will begin to drop 5 days -- the majority of nicotine has